What, no posts?

Sorry, I’ve been to busy riding, eating, then sleeping, to get around to posting. But, a quick update…

So far all had gone pretty much according to plan. I’ve reached each day’s goal, the routing had been amazing (I often feel like a local as I’m getting in and out of towns so efficiently).  I’ve had two slow speed offs, both on rough surfaces and both at walking pace. (No harm to bike or rider.) I’ve had one dead-end where a farm house decided it did not like public folk around so they sent out 3 dogs as a getting party…  The bike is running well and (touch wood) I’ve had no breakdowns add yet.

I’ve met some really nice people both at my rest stops and along the way. I’ve also run into other riders doing end to end, most going south to north.

The next few days are probably the toughest in terms of hill climbing. So tomorrow is shorter than normal to account for the hills. I should reach Land’s End on Thursday around 13:00 BST. Then I have to back track to Penzance to get the train back to London.

I really appreciate all the support and well wishes I’ve received. It helps motivate me and keep my old legs moving. It’s an ‘unsupported’ ride, but I feel I have lots of support!  (A special note of thanks to Nicola who has been spotting for me throughout.)

BTW, Scotland is beautiful…

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