Another new bike?

I travel.  A lot.  So, with the training for a long ride this summer in full swing, I decided that I’d like to ride while on business trips.  I’ve had Brompton bikes in the past, but now that I’m riding recumbents generally I wanted to get a ‘brompton like’ recumbent. 

While, as it happens, Azub make just such a bike.  And I’ve had them build one for me that is a little special.  Here is a link to their blog showing the bike before it left their factory:

Azub Origami Pinion

I’ve installed Speedplay Frog pedals, which I use on my other recumbents as well.  I had the bike built with pretty basic v brakes, but I sourced some NOS Shimano XTR M960 brakes and levers which I’ll install when I get back to London.  At some point I’ll take some more pictures of the bike.

The Origami was delivered to Bikefix in London two days before I was leaving on a six city trip.  I’ve picked up a Biknd Helium bicycle travel case, figured out how to pack it, and made it to NYC.  Since I’ve been here I’ve had three rides.  This morning I rode the bike down to Times Square, and then up to Central Park where I did the circuit.  This is a really nice ride, especially early in the morning.

Origami in Time Square

Tomorrow I leave for Chicago, then San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and finnally Singapore before heading back to London.  Logistics in each location should be interesting!  But my plan is to ride in each city at least once.  There will be more posts over the next two weeks regarding this slightly nutty plan.


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