North Sea Cycle Route – Spring ’23

Another long bicycle tour. Eurovelo 12, or EV12. The route circumnavigates the North Sea from the north of Shetland, Scotland, to Bergen, Norway. Depending on route options it’s around 6,700km (4,100miles).

I used Brouter to generate the route I plan to ride, based on the Eurovelo 12 path on Open Street Maps. There will be some diversions from the path, most notably in England where the EV12 leaves the coast several times, I will be sticking to the coast, including a stop at home in Essex where the UK 51 route happens to pass by my front door.

The Plan:

I’ll be taking the sleeper train from London to Aberdeen. The train arrives in Aberdeen in the morning. In the evening, an overnight ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick, Shetland where the ride will begin by first riding north to the start of EV12.

I’ve divided the trip up by country/region rather than by day. I’m planing to wild camp most of the way, and will stop and camp when I see a nice place to spend the night, rather than focusing on getting to a pre-booked place. In some cases I will pre-book, like when the ferry arrives in Kirkwall, Orkney at 23:30. Who wants to look for a place to camp at that hour?

I’ll add posts about my kit and training, and when the ride is underway, I’ll post from time to time from the road.

I’ll be adding sections shortly, as well as info on ferries (all 40 of them), sights to see, and any other pertinent info.

Shetland 1:

Total distance: 59.96 km
Max elevation: 106 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 822 m
Total descent: -823 m