West Highland Way and Cape Wrath Trail ’21

As preperation for walking the Pacific Crest Trail SOBO in 2022 I’ll be combining the West Highland Way and the Cape Wrath Trail, wild camping as much as possible, and equiped roughly the same as I plan to in Washington State the following July. The anticipated mileage is aggresive, but doable (I hope…)

I used Brouter to generate routes for the WHW, but for the Cape Wrath Trail I’m using the itinerary and GPX files from the great walkhighlands site. Since the CWT passes through areas without any footpath, Openstreetmap has no path for Brouter to use when finding a route from point a to point b. In any event, I would have likely got it wrong, so best to use these well established route files.

The Plan:

I’ll be taking the sleeper train from London to Glasgow at 23:50. The train arrives in Glasgow at 07:20, and then there is a 30 minute taxi ride to Milngavie. Walking the route will commence +/- 08:00.

Day 1:  Milngavie to Conic Hill (Balmaha)

Total distance: 27.06 km
Max elevation: 191 m
Min elevation: 23 m
Total climbing: 486 m
Total descent: -386 m

Day 2: Conic Hill to Doune Byre

Total distance: 32.15 km
Max elevation: 322 m
Min elevation: 12 m
Total climbing: 1073 m
Total descent: -1190 m

Day 3: Doune Byre to Inveroran

Total distance: 39.07 km
Max elevation: 340 m
Min elevation: 14 m
Total climbing: 1091 m
Total descent: -956 m

Day 4: Inveroran to Kinlockleven (Macdonald Hotel) (Resupply – recharge)

Total distance: 29.95 km
Max elevation: 550 m
Min elevation: 11 m
Total climbing: 772 m
Total descent: -931 m

Day 5: Kinlockleven to Glen Nevis

Total distance: 21.14 km
Max elevation: 332 m
Min elevation: 11 m
Total climbing: 683 m
Total descent: -674 m

Day 6: Glen Nevis – up and down Ben Nevis

Total distance: 15.94 km
Max elevation: 1332 m
Min elevation: 19 m
Total climbing: 1380 m
Total descent: -1380 m

Day 7: A ‘zero’ day in Fort William

Day 8: Fort William to Glenfinnan

Total distance: 34.76 km
Max elevation: 443 m
Min elevation: -4 m
Total climbing: 1120 m
Total descent: -1106 m

Day 9: Glenfinnan to A’Chuil

Day 10: A’Chuil to Barrisdale Bay